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Quiksilver / Roxy Surf Camps – Testimonials

“Wonderful Staff”

Dear Skeeter and your “wonderful staff,”

I wanted to write and thank you for the wonderful surfing experience my son had at your camp. We are from Maryland, and we traveled to Florida just to attend your camp.

My son is new to surfing and I found that with just one week with you his confidence and knowledge of surfing has really grown! He not only learned the basics of getting up on the board, but he also learned some really valuable lessons about water safety, environmental issues concerning the ocean, and he developed an understanding of different surf conditions. I felt this was a great learning experience all around.

Every afternoon when I picked him up he was very excited and happy about his day and was very anxious the next day to go back. (You know you’re doing a great job with a kid when this happens!) Also, you and your staff did a great job of making sure the sunscreen was on and that they stayed cool as possible.

Please thank your staff for us also. They were all very attentive and Steven really enjoyed surfing with all of them! He loved the goodie bag and pizza party on Friday and only wished he could come back one more week.

Thanks again and hopefully we will see you again sometime in the future!

Good luck this surfing season, we will be following your success!

Steven and Pam Ecker


“Outstanding Camp Program”

Dear Mr. Zimmerman,

I wanted to commend you on running an outstanding camp program. My son has participated in Magic, Science, Soccer, and general sports camp programs and has never expressed the enthusiasm he has this last week in “Living Water Surf School.”

You did an excellent job selecting your staff; they were always professional and conscientious. As a parent I felt secure with your team’s ability to govern my child’s safety in the ocean. I know he enjoyed what he learned, thank you for giving him such a wonderful experience. We will definitely be back next year.

Emily E. Chouvalis


“Surf Camp Smiles”

Dear Mr. Zimmerman,

I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how happy my children were with their experiences last week at Surf Camp. Each day the smiles on their faces and the stories they shared about Surf Camp gave me a great sense of joy.

Equally as important was the way you and your staff interacted with the children on Friday July 22, 2005, the day I observed camp. The patience and professionalism were readily apparent and consistent. When lunch was served and each child was reminded to clean up after themselves, your staff did so in a kind fashion. After each swim, the application of sun block was always discussed and assistance was provided when needed.

You can be certain that my children will be in line next summer for another great week of Surf Camp!

Lawrence Jay Davis, Esq.


“Great Time at Surf Camp”

Dear Skeeter,

Giovanni and Massimo had a great time at your surf camp this summer! My husband Chris and I truly respect the way you run and operate the school. We felt secure knowing your strict policy of signing in and out! Also, knowing that there was a counselor with them at all times if they were to go to the bathroom was comforting. We will and have recommended your school! Looking forward to seeing you again!

The Fillicio Family


Surf Lesson – Testimonials

“Awesome Surf Lessons”

Skeeter Zimmerman is an awesome surf instructor! He’s professional but casual enough so that you’re comfortable and have a lot of fun while you learn.  Skeeter watches out for your safety and reminds you to do the same(which is easy to forget when you’re having so much fun and working so hard!).  He tells you there are things he can’t teach you which empowers you to find your own center. He encourages you when you’re frustrated giving you the strength to persevere.  And with all his accomplishments (own surf camp, Quiksilver sponsored, EMT) he is unpretentious, humble, polite and wise. Anyone at any age will be blessed to have Skeeter as their teacher.

Thanks, Skeeter, for everything….. U ROC!

Monica 🙂


Surf Party – Testimonials

“Amazing Surf Party”


I wanted you to know how absolutely amazing Jessie’s party was. You made it such a special day with all your program has to offer. To watch you and your staff control and organize this event for 30 children was something I as a parent have not yet figured out how to do. The kids were taught the basics so well and they all felt the encouragement that they would be able to catch that next wave, and they did!! Most of the children at the party had never even thought about standing up on a surfboard. Their parents were all amazed at how much they learned in such a short time. They loved all the beach and surfboard games, but especially enjoyed tubing with the jet ski. We were so impressed with all the safety precautions which you and your staff uses and I never felt any worries for these many children that were entrusted to me for this party. I really think your approach showed many of the kids to truly enjoy our beaches and ocean and respect our environment.

In closing, thank you so much for this spectacular day and making our daughter’s party the party of the year!! You truly are an inspiration to our young people.

Many thanks,

Jenny Speer

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